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Motor KV range    20÷90
Basic size: outside diameter / body length ø165mm] X 122[mm]
Weight 7800[gr]
Shaft diameter 20[mm]
Hall sensors The sensors are mounted between the stator teeth
Hall sensors type SS411/ S41F
Hall sensor angle 3 sensors position at 120[deg] 
Temperature sensor type KTY-84
Magnets type N42H
Winding configuration/ scheme DLRK
Winding termination DELTA
Operation voltage range 24[V] - 96[V]
Continue power/ Peak power 9[kW] / 18[kW]
Motor configuration 12N14P (12 stator teeth 14 magnets)
Max continuous operating temperature 120[°C]
Bearings NSK6814ZZ(1pc), NSK6004ZZ(2pcs)
Stator data: diameter/height /laminations thickness ø151[mm] X 45 [mm] x 0.35[mm]
Outside wires diameter (max AWG4) According to the cross-section area of the phase wires
Back EMF shape sinus wave

RV-160-Pro download step (RV-160-Pro_download.stp, 864 Kb) [Download]

RV-160-Pro download x_t (RV-160-Pro_download.x_t, 662 Kb) [Download]

RV-160-Pro drawing (RV-160-Pro.pdf, 73 Kb) [Download]


Length of internal channels 0.300[m]
Channels diameter ø5.0[mm]
Hose fitting: inside/outside diameter ø6[mm] x ø10[mm]


RV-160-Pro with liquid cooling option has next differents from RV-160-Pro without liquid cooling option:

RV-160-Pro with liquid cooling .x_t
RV-160-Pro with liquid cooling drawing 

Bearings: NSK6814ZZ(1pc), NSK6804ZZ(1pcs), NSK6904ZZ(1pcs)