Electric Quad bike


Motor: RV-120-Pro
Battery voltage: 80V

Max speed: 80km/h

Customers email:

"It have almost been 2 years since I started the project of building an Electric Quad bike for my 3 year old son. The motor is a 120 pro running on 12s 8A/hr lipo battery with the standard controller that you supplied. I use a CA (CYCLE ANALYSTS) as my display and the main means of controlling power output. The motor is mounted in an old Suzuki Quad bike.

This project has far exceeded my expectations, not only have I been able to control the speed of the bike but its acceleration as well. This has made the bike extremely safe while still allowing the bike to perform better then any petrol bike of the same size. As my son has grown over the last 2 years the bike has been able to match his ability. Even now the bike is running at less the 1/2 the motors capacity. 

This bike is extremely powerful. I have powered the bike on a 20s lipo battery and have achieved speed over 80kph with acceleration for exceeding that of the 125cc petrol quad bike that I own.

I am defiantly happy with the motor and its performance and would recommend it to anyone seeking a high performance reliable motor."