Motor: RV-100-Pro
Controller: Kelly KEB48601 (48V, 6kW)
Battery voltage: 48V

Customers email:

"Your motor did a great job in our project. The e-kart is still running with it. I just went through the photos and data stuff, but to be honest I didn’t archive it as nice as I should have. 

What we did is the following:

1.) We bought an very old Tony Race Kart on Ebay without the original motor.

2.) We bought a Kelly KEB48601 waterproof controller with a thumb throttle. It’s a motor controller with 48V nominal voltage and a max. power of 6kW, which supports regenerative breaking. (see attached user manual)

3.) We bought the RV-120 pro with a custom made bracket from you.

4.) A father sponsored four 12V-lead-acid-batteries (see attached data sheet)

5.) We bought a lot of small items like cabels, connectors, a new hydraulic cylinder for the brake, circuit breakers, metal sheets, etc…

6.) We stripped down the whole kart and did assemble everything form ground up. Even using an 3D-Printer for some of the parts. Due to the lack of a welding equipment, everything had to be just screwed together.

7.) For your motor we custom designed a gear out of a gear for a Honda GX/DM

Unfortunately, we didn’t do any measurements yet, i.e. I don’t know the acceleration performance and max speed of the kart…but it performs really well and is fun to drive.

Later on we only had to redesign the battery position. It wasn’t such a good idea to put everything on the stiff rear axis of the kart, because we were only able to go straight ;-). We also added a fan to your motor to be able to cool it down on hot days and when driving with maximum controller power."

Mr. Kai