Wire set for RV-120Em


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The set is included:
1) 3 separated wires of AWG that you prefer, at each end of the wire tinned copper cable lugs with bolt holes
2) 1 sensors wire, attached to motor sensors (elongation of an existing wire)

Recommendation wires set
motors kv Recommendation set
RV-120Em, 27kv AWG10
RV-120Em, 29kv AWG08
RV-120Em, 32kv AWG08
RV-120Em, 35kv AWG08
RV-120Em, 38kv AWG08
RV-120Em, 42kv AWG08
RV-120Em, 48kv AWG06
RV-120Em, 54kv AWG06
RV-120Em, 63kv AWG06