How to find the correct phase-hall combination?

It is critical to operate the motor at correct phase hall combination.
There are controllers with auto detection// self learning function and there are controllers that you need to test and find the combination by yourself.
How do you know that it’s the correct combination?
There are 3 indications that you found the correct phase hall combination:
1.) The motor should spin (to the correct direction) smoothly all the way up to max rpm.
2.) The no load current should be low.
3.) The motor should have high starting torque.
How to find the correct phase hall combination?
The motor have 5 hall wires and 3 phase wires.
For the regular and pro versions:
The 5 hall wires are red, black and 3 white wires.
The red is +5V, black is ground and the 3 white wires are the hall signals wires.
The phase wires are the 3 thick black wires.
For "E" - version there is a wire diagram:


The way to find the correct phase - hall combination:
Please connect the 5 hall wires to the controller compatible hall wires.
choose 1 combination for the 3 phase wires and try to operate the motor (no more than 2- 3sec) with that combination.
If it’s not run correctly than switch any two of the phase wires and try again.
It’s very important not to short any of the wires (shorted wires could damage the controller and the motor).
You can test 6 different phase combinations (just switch between any of the two phase wires) before changing the hall wires combination.
If you tested all 6 phase combination and the motor doesn’t run correctly than you need to change the hall wires combination, in order to change the hall combination please switch between any two of the hall signal wires (white wires) – it’s recommended to turn off the power when changing the combination.
After changing the hall combination you can test 6 more phase combinations.
There are 6 different hall combinations and 6 different phase combinations - so total there are 36 different combinations.