How to choose the motor to your application?


Voltage represents the speed and the current/ amps represent the torque.
Our advice is a king of rule of thumb: in wheel application we suggest to choose the operation voltage according to the top speed value, for example: To get to 50-60Km/hr we suggest on 48V system. for 70-80 Km/hr we suggest on 72V battery.
That way the electrical stress will be reduced and it will be easier to design and build the electrical system.
The current is important for the acceleration – higher current will give you higher acceleration.
The weight will tell you how much current you will need in order to get good performance, for example: 100-150Kg total weight (vehicle+ driver) a 45- 60A cont. current (battery amps) controller should be enough but a vehicle+ driver that weight for 300- 400Kg will require a 100A-150A cont. battery current and so on.
For propeller applications: the propeller data will give you the rpm and the current that is drawn at that rpm so you could choose the motor according to the motor data.