Latest improvements:

At our latest versions (the E version motors) there are many improvements:
Better stator covers, thicker magnets and rotor, higher grade magnets, there is PCB (printed circuit board) for the hall sensors, we also added cooling fins to the outside of the rotor. there is also liquid cooling option for the 120E and the 160E motors, the sensors output cable is thicker and include a 7 pin connector, there are more small improvements that brings our motors to much higher level.

Materials and coating:

  • We use high grade silicon steel stator laminations, high temp magnets, stainless steel shaft, stainless steel screws and retaining rings.
  • We coat the stator with electrical varnish for durability.
  • We use high grade magnets with nickle coating.
  • The side covers and the internal bushing are made of aluminum with anodize coating.
  • The outside rotor/ ring is also coated with nickel.
  • Contonius operation temperature of the motors is 150ºC.

Hall sensors:

At our new motors we use SS411/ S41F sensors that are mounted on a PCB, the sensors are at 120deg (electrical).


Air cooling:
The side covers act like cooling fan, the outside ring of our new motors has cooling fins that are great for the rotor/ ring heat removal.


Liquid cooling:
Our new motors (120E and 160-E) has liquid cooling option.
The liquid is circulated inside the internal bushing in order to remove the internal heat effectively -  it’s the best way to keep the stator cool.