Permanent magnets motors:

PM (Permanent magnets) motor use permanent magnets and coil to creat the rotational motion.
The coils are static (at the stator part) and the magnets are rotating (at the rotor part).

Brushless motors:

Brushless motors are typically 3 phase AC motors, the brushless motors changing the direction of the current (tcreating 3 phase ac current) in order to creat the rotational motion without using brushes - usually it's done with brushless controller.
BLDC (brushless DC) motor need a controller that take the DC supply (battery or any other power supply)  and creat the AC current that the motor need to operate - so, in order to operate the motor you have to use a brushless controller.

Outrunner motors:

Mostly there are two different motor type/structure: inrunner and outrunner .
At inrunner motor the rotor is inside and the stator is outside, and at outrunner motor the rotor is outside and the stator is inside.
Our motors are outrunner brushless motors, the big advantage is high power density which means that for smaller and lightweight motor you can get much higher torque and power.


Outrunner motor structure: