Motor parameters

Our motors are12N14P which mean that the stator has 12 teeth and there are 14 magnets mounted on the rotor ring.

KV (Motor constant) :

KV is rpm per volt.

For example:

If you run 45KV motor at 48V than the no load speed will be 2160 RPM

 (45(rpm/volt x48 volt = 2160 RPM)

If you will run the same 45KV motor at 72V than the no load speed would be:

45x72= 3240 RPM

It’s important to say that the typical max motor speed under load is about 90% of the no load speed (the max speed depend much on the load).

Motor resistance (Phase to phase resistance, Rm):

Our stock motors are DLRK wound and DELTA terminated.

The phase to phase resistance (motor resistance) of the motor is 2/3 of the coil resistance.

RV- 100Pro (49KV) : 0.0497Ω

RV- 120Pro (43KV) : 0.0256Ω

RV- 120Pro short (49KV) : 0.085Ω

RV- 160Pro (45KV) : 0.0076Ω

RV- 160Pro short (45KV) : 0.024Ω