General information

RV- motors are powerful outrunner motors that are designed to fit to many different applications/ projects.

The big advantage is the high power to weight ratio.

Our  customers use our motors for different applications:

Go ped, Ebikes, scooters, bikes, go- karts, paramotors, lightweight veichles, light airplanes, even snow mobile and hovercraft, outboard motor and many more…

Our goal is that our motors will fit and work good at your application (not just selling motors), that is why we are customize our motors:

We can wind our motors to different KV (no extra cost).

We can make custom shaft according to sketch/ drawing or model (15- 20 USD extra).

We can add temp sensor (15 USD extra).

We can also close the side covers for Mud/ water resistance.

Motor- controller:

Basically all ebike controllers work good with our motors, some of the controllers that tested with our motors:

Kelly controllers( different models).





MGM (not an ebike controller).

And many more…

Even simple Chinese square wave ebike controllers work good with our motors.

Our motors Back EMF output is sin wave:

Motor temp:

The motor safe operation temp is 150° C (the weakest link is the hall sensors).

The stator is coated with electrical varnish for durability.

If the motor start to smell or you see smoke than you should stop and let it cool - if you stop in time than the motor should be o.k and you can operate it regular after it cooled down.


We are using the best available materials in our motors.

NSK bearings, high temp resistance coatings, SS shaft and Aluminum Anodize parts.

Water resistance:

All of our motors parts are made of SS or coated (even the screws are made of SS), only the bearings and the retaining rings could suffer-  we can use SS/ ceramic bearings and retaining rings that are made of SS.

Operating voltage:

Our stock motors are designed to work between 24V- 96V supply.

We have costumers that use even higher voltage without any problems.